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. on november 6 we had u.s. elections later more than a week later the hamas military chief is killed. rockets target teleaveef the first time tel aviv has had promming since the neap anticipate oos and they have israeli elections. one piece of good news is we have is the iron dome project good news for israel and everybody who cares to protect civilians. the united states spent 1.5 billion to make sure iron dome was sent to israel. i agree with it and i think it is tariff to perhaps save lives. i'm not sure why we are funding it, but we can have that conversaitionz as well. we have everybody in the house. the professor is here. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> anybody know why we are funding the iron domey? i think it's great and israel should have it but like, i don't get it. >> you really don't get it? >> why is the united states funding. >> when the united states has glommed on to israel or israel has glommed on to the united states as an ali. in that time line is that israel in going afterra jabar
's collateral damage. if palestinians kill civilians they're abhorrent terrorists. when israel or the u.s. does it, it's ok, collateral damage. i find it grotesque. there's of course always another side, and i want you to watch a part of bbc report where they show where some of the rockets going into israel came from. >> it's been a noisy morning from down, really, we heard the thuds of israeli air strikes continuing all morning just within the last minute, really, there was a large explosion to the north of here, just to the north of gaza city, close to the coast road and at the same time, we've seen the vapor trails of dozens of rockets being fired by palestinian militants into israel. >> cenk: to be fair, as you just saw in that report, you see israeli shells coming in, but rockets being fired from heavily populated areas in the gaza strip, hence israel says i can fire back into your civilian areas and if kids get killed, that's not my fault, that's your fault. that's israel's perspective. who winds up getting killed more? israel has more fire power. three israeli's killed, 19 palestinians.
involvement in this. they're going to broker a deal. this has been a tradition of the u.s. to come in when tensions flare to work something out and hopefully a lasting peace not one that just lasts a couple of years. >> first thing that struck me when i saw that hillary clinton with benjamin netanyahu was it didn't matter that netanyahu backed romney. all of that time wasted, all of that money wasted perhaps. speaking today with netanyahu. >> president obama asked me to come to israel with a very clear message. america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that's why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation. the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end and a broader calm restored. >> so you hear hillary clinton there. israel saying some of the conditions that they want out of this cease fire would be having no more rockets fired out of gaza. soldiers patrolling the frontier would, in fact, not be attacked. weapons, stockpiles
an active involvement, and they're going to be there to broker a deal. this has been the tradition of the u.s. role to come in and work something out and hopefully a lasting peace not something that lasts just a couple of years before they do this again. >> the first thing that struck me again when i heard this was going on, and that hillary clinton was meeting with netanyahu, it did not matter that netanyahu backed romney. all that time wasted, all that money wasted, perhaps but he still has america at his back. here is hillary clinton. >> president obama asked me to come to israel with a very clear message. america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that's why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in gaza. the rocket attacks inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end, and a broader calm restored restored. >> so you hear hillary clinton there, israel saying some of the conditions they want out of this cease-fire is no more rockets fired out of gaza, soldiers patrolling the frontier would not attack and weapons stock pile would not be rele
of that did the u.s. taxpayer get for bailing their ass out? none of it. we got the initial $10 billion mac. we did not get the back door bailout back. we did not get a piece of that company. finally look at his salary were last year. it will probably be higher than this year, $16.4 million. so he gets the bailouts from the government i am entitled. i have an expectation to exceed $1 million that i got through your bailout through hard taxpayer earned money. but you, you worked your whole life you're not entitled to social security and medicare that you paid in to because we have a different plan for you. the ceo plan is shift costs. shift costs on the middle class and the poor and take money for them. david coast is one of the most trusted visors of the obama administration. he's the ceo. the obama guys are pure establishment guys. to be fair, david what do you think the corporate tax rate should be? shouldn't that go up a little bit? he was on cmbc get a load of his answer. >> what do you think the ultimate effective tax rate should be on corporations? >> zero. zero. >> yeah, the problem
] [ crowd chants u.s.a. ] >> cenk: i love that reaction. hey, what about climate science? u.s.a.! u.s.a.! we're number one! ha ha, take that, climate change. luckily, not everybody's that dense. new cover of business week is it's global warming stupid. we now have the author of that article, assistant managing editor of bloomberg business week joining us now. some believe this cover story is a bit controversial. do you believe it is? >> no, obviously the cover language is meant to get people's attention but if you read the story itself, you see we're playing it right down the middle. the issue here is not to blame climate change for any one particular storm but to say that the conditions in the atmosphere have indisputably changed and as a result of those changes, all storms generally speaking are going to be prone to be more severe and more frequent and we are beginning to see in undeniable terms the price of the warming of the atmosphere, the warming of the ocean waters and the rise of the ocean waters. >> cenk: paul, here's the problem with that. you say it's undeniable, all the scientist
-fire is going to be. >> tim, this is tricia rose. let me ask you a question. to what degree can the u.s. function legitimately as a neutral honest broker. when you look at the funding. when you look at the iron dome and the casualty rates it raises questions to me about whether or not the cease-fire can be held together when the u.s. one side. >> the united states simply does not deal with hamas directly. it deals with it through egypt. it sees it as a terrorist entity. you're right, israel and the united states are close allies, and the united states by 2015 will have dedicated close to $1 billion if authorization bills hold, they will have dedicated close to $1 billion to the iron dome system. so that's why the egyptian role is so important in all this. egypt acts as the conduit between american interest and diplomacy into the gaza strip. >> michael: you can follow tim mak on tim kmak on political could. we switch to hardcore politics. yes it's the first annual tyt turkey pardon. should this turkey be saved? >> i have a deal for the president. a deal that i don't believe he can refuse
? >> syria. >> are you following the u.s. elections? >> yes. >> who are you pulling for? >> who? >> in the election, you know, obama. >> oh, okay then, i don't know. i prefer obama. >> what part of nevada are you from. >> i'm from alberta canada. >> have you been watching much television. >> i try not to keep up the noise with what is going on out there. alberta is a huge friend of the u.s. they call alberta the 51st state. and we have the pipeline. >> now we run into somebody and now we have to talk about an actual issue. thanks. you would like to see the pipelines open because it would be good for alberta. >> absolutely. >> if you were american would you be supporting mitt romney? >> i would be. >> the good news is he can't vote. >> vegas? >> yes, sir. >> hey. >> you're the first person i've found from las vegas. are the political ads annoying here? are you tired of them. >> you mean all the prostitute ads where they give you little cards? that's the only ads i'm used to here. >> no, the ads for the candidates obama and-- >> yeah, yeah, i ignore that now. >> the election is co
ica at the hands of about 1,000 u.s. workers in hamtramck michigan. although it is a green product it doesn't get any more red white and blue than that. thanks everybody for joining us here in "the wararararararararararararararararararararararararararararar >> welcome to the "young turks." one of ma'am's top add advises confirms what i've been saying all along. >> i think what we need to do and president does is let's go for the big deal. >> what he will do is sign a grand bargain where they will cut social security, cut medicare cut programs for the poor. >> but will they actually cut taxes on the rich? not raise them, cut them. they wouldn't do that, will they? you are about to find out. >> republican goes after susan rice. >> absolutely it was wrong. >> here's what i can tell you. the american people got bad information on 15 september. >> some surprising opinions on that. stay right here for that, as well. then a movie about how we got bin laden but did they get classified information? that's a new controversy. >> you think you know the story but hold on to your
for hours to vote and it's about to end here in the nation's highest court. the u.s. supreme court will hear another case shelby county v holder which could impact voters in nine states. last year 34 states enacted some type of voter i.d. reform with the exception of rhode island each of these states had a republican legislator. >> people who lost their lives here have not lost it in vain because they won victory in in movement of the civil arts but their sacrifices have been lessened in. 12,347 john lewis now a 14-term congressman from congress. >> this is a deliberate systemic attempt on certain seasons in our country to take us back to another period 12,347 lewis was a freedom rider. >> i happen to believe that the vote is so precious, almost sacred, and it should be very simple to vote. >> this is a poll tax. we eliminated the poll tax years ago. >> michael: on the surface it seems that the proponents of the law has a convincing argument, and it's working as they sell this as an antidote to the national plague of voter fraud rather than a means of voter suppression. the same suppression
to be wisconsin's first woman u.s. senator. [ cheering ] and i am well aware that i will be the first openly gay member. [ cheering ] but i didn't run--but i didn't run to make history. i ran to make a difference. [ cheering ] >> cenk: well said. now here are the other members that have been elected now that are openly guy. tammy baldwin representative jared polis in colorado. representative david cicilline and representative sean maloney and marc pocan. and then in minnesota a ban against gay marriage failed. in washington, it is projected to pass. maryland is pro gay marriage, and the people of maine saying yes, we want to legalize gay marriage. i want to bring in evan glass, the chair for equal night maryland. i want to talk about those victories from last night. what is the difference between now and in 2004 as an example when they used gay marriage to actually beat john kerry putting ballot initiatives on there at the same time as the kerry-bush campaign? >> hi, cenk. i think since 2004 we've had a lot of conversations. people in the lgbt community has talked to their neighbors their cowork
, not necessarily all of it, and so today, the u.s. government came into court and said we're not going to accept the -- we will not support this conditional plea. i think, you know, to get to sort of what you're trying to grapple with, here's bradley manning accepting what he's guilty for these crimes. he hasn't even gone to trial yet. i guess that would be an issue. what's important for people to know is that he is accepting the violation as a military code of justice, not the political offense, like the espionage act or computer crimes charges that he's facing. this in a way i think could be a strategy on the part of the defense to maneuver and maybe break it apart. >> cenk: that's interesting. even if you break it apart the prosecution still can pursue the big are charges right? i'm not sure i see the upside of unilaterally giving a plea where you admit to even the lesser charges. >> yeah, and i think you have a valid can certain. i have that concern myself as somebody who has been following this all along. the question is what can you gain. i guess it's just this conventional wisdom that you
, didn't you talk about when he was first being detained not here in the u.s., but abroad? kevin? >> i'm sorry i think i've lost you. >> cenk: i said did he talk about his detainment because of how discouraged he was? >> we appear to have technical difficulties. i think i've lost you cenk. >> cenk: he got so discouraged when they first detained him, that he started drawing nooses, because he said i'm in this cage, the best part of his confinement was the mirror, he said because even when they brought him here in won't co, they kept him in solitary confinement in a room without windows for 23 hours a day. when he needed toilet paper, he would have to say private bradley manning requesting toilet paper. he would go into his room four times an hour. why? to disturb him. make him sleep naked. the list goes on and on of all the different things he had to suffer. it's enough suffering. i get it. he leaked things, if you believe that and if you can prove it. he served three years, nine months in solitaire confinement before they even charged him with anything. enough is enough, free bradley m
obamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamam >> once the most successful democrat in alabama. he claims his prosecution by the u.s. department of justice was influenced by the president's former political adviser, karl rove. >> what we need is karl rove to get himself over to the judiciary committee and put his hand on the bible and take an oath and give testimony and he can either tell the truth or take the fifth either one will satisfy me. >> now in prison serving 6.5 year prison essentially on an bribery scandal. the bribe $500,000 to an initiative that he wanted to create a state lottery that was a quid pro quo to get him on an hospital board. he had already served on the hospital board wanted off the board, did it as a favor and the lottery never happened. it's a crime that he sits in there right now but this is a story we've been covering for a while. michael tricia, jayar we also have don siegal man's daughter. we've been considering this covering this. where does your dad stand today. >> he has served ten months already. i just want--i want to reiterate basically what he said. there was no pro quid pro quo. he was ac
2006 the u.s. enter prize in iraq collapsed and it was over with. bush and the people around him werey -- were determined not to go down in flames and petraeus went to the prime minister and said we have to take the weapons away from the militia and said it's not the shiites that are the problem it's the sunnis. as soon as he started disarming them the shiite militia came in and killed them and chased them away. let's call it troop escalation rather thanna a surge, that was a propaganda term. one of the things that was happening is the mixed neighborhoods in baghdad were becoming will solidly shiite and that tosm -- tamped down the violence because they were going in and when they weren't mixed any more the killing stopped. >> hundreds of thousands of iraqis dead not all because of the general, but a surge he got credit for. that's seen as a positive in his faire favor. the that's -- in his favor. he sleeps with the wrong person and there is a federal case. there is something wrong with this country and our media cov
conclusion. my guest has a different conclusion. the program director at u.s. action. alan, tell me what you are fighting for and how you're doing it? >> well, the top of the list, getting rid of the tax cuts to the top 2%, the democrats and progressives won an election to increase taxes on the wealthiest americans. this is historic in character. we need to start with that. then we need to see that there are no benefits cuts to medicare medicaid, and social security. >> cenk: alan, let me jump in there and depress you. >> okay. >> cenk: let me show you, of course one of the top advisers to the president. first on the issue of taxes. this is what he said recently. >> on the immediate question of the tax cuts we want to extend them to most people but we also want to engage in a process of tax reform that will ultimately produce lower rates even potentially for the wealthy. >> cenk: there is the president's top advisers talking about cutting tax tots rich to the rich. >> the president has put forward, and to his credit--i don't know what david was saying when he said that the president put forw
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)